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Who are we?

Underground Overground are leaders in heritage and archaeological consulting services with the skills, expertise, experience and dedication to fulfil your project needs.

From the small-scale to large, national, multi-year projects UOA has a diverse team of consultants to meet the needs of clients from around the country. UOA undertakes projects for private property owners and developers, national infrastructure providers, councils and Territorial Local Authorities (TLA’s), large scale developers, businesses, and government agencies. The company’s professional heritage and archaeology team possess a diverse range of skills and specialities whose depth of experience within the industry is visible in the level of success and respect the business has generated.

We provide exceptional value to clients in the management of their heritage and archaeological needs. Our team are experts in pre-European archaeology, historical archaeology, buildings archaeology, architectural history and conservation, GIS-based modelling and risk management, heritage building reuse and development strategies, mining and mining-related archaeology, urban archaeology, heritage interpretation and design.

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What can we help you with?

  • Archaeological Assessment. An archaeological assessment is required for an authority application 
  • Heritage Impact Assessment. An HIA is often required for a resource consent where the property is scheduled on the District Plan.
  • Conservation plan. A conservation plan identifies the significance and heritage values of a historic place in order to create policy and recommendations of how to conserve, manage and care for it. 
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The archaeological and heritage services we provide.

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Information about management and redevelopment of heritage property assets.

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