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Heritage Impact Assessment

A Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) is required under the Resource Management Act (1991) to accompany all consent applications where there is the potential for it to affect heritage and archaeological sites. It assesses the environmental effects in accordance with Schedule 4 of the Act. It can be commissioned before an archaeological assessment and examines the interrelationships between heritage resources to understand the overall impact and effect of a development across a site complex. It includes:


  • The examination of both pre and post 1900 heritage elements
  • The changes and works proposed
  • Any statutory or policy implications for the development
  • Summary of the positive and negative effects of the proposed development works
  • Recommendations for mitigation and management of heritage features.
If an archaeological authority is also required in addition to resource consent, components of a HIA can be used as part of the archaeological assessment application.
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Heritage Building Services

  • Re-use and redevelopment strategies
  • Maintenance plans
  • Conservation reports
  • Construction strategies
  • Building survey

Heritage Communication

UOA provides services to design and display information for public interpretation. This is typically in the form of interpretation panels which encourage user participation in our national heritage.